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Water-Based Dressings for Sale

Detailing a vehicle means addressing every component so it looks new again. If you're looking for water-based car detailing supplies for every part of a vehicle, you've come to the right place. Hotsy of Memphis carries Auto Magic's first-rate water-based dressings that create customer-pleasing, high-quality results. 

Auto Magic formulates highly durable water-based dressings and a range of interior and exterior car detailing supplies. These professional products enable you to refresh every component with a shiny, long-lasting look. Even weathered finishes look newer and more lustrous after application.


Because you need to address all the different materials auto manufacturers use to build a vehicle, Auto Magic creates water-based dressings designed to protect and beautify each component. Select from all-purpose products for general use and those specially formulated for leather, exterior molding, tires, vinyl, and plastic bumpers. 


Auto Magic designs car detailing cleaners, car cleaning products, and water-based dressings that refresh and protect a vehicle's components. They also formulate their products to protect you, your employees, and the environment, manufacturing their water-based dressings to be VOC compliant. 


Hotsy of Memphis has been in the cleaning business since 2004, and we know clean. We carefully select the products we carry for their quality and effectiveness. That's why we're proud to carry Auto Magic car detailing supplies. 


You can't beat the combination of Hotsy of Memphis and Auto Magic for car detail supplies. We'll be happy to advise you if you have questions about any of the car wash products we carry. You can contact us online or call and talk with one of our friendly customer service representatives at 901-379-0550.

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