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True Advantage System for Sale

Diluting half a dozen car detailing supplies to refill spray bottles is a time-consuming chore that erodes the efficiency of your detailing operation and wastes product. The TruAdvantage™ system from Auto Magic is a simple car detailing solution that conveniently dilutes and dispenses the products you use the most to renew and bring a beautiful shine to your customers' cars.

TruAdvantage is wall-mounted and connected to a water line. Its components are three small boxes on the wall and a shelf below containing seven ultra-concentrated products. When you need degreaser, for example, you dispense it from the TruAdvantage box into a spray bottle. TruAdvantage is easy to install and comes with detailed installation instructions.  


The dilutions are always correct because we preset TruAdvantage to the proper ratios for the seven products. The products are highly concentrated in proportions from 1:5 to 1:64 and consist of the following:

  • Degreaser

  • Soap

  • Glass cleaner

  • Wheel cleaner

  • Ceramic spray

  • Cleaner/dressing

  • Spot remover

Take the guesswork out of product dilutions and eliminate the mess and waste of manual mixing. With TruAdvantage, the employee simply walks up to the box and dispenses the selected product into a spray bottle. TruAdvantage is a must-have product to streamline the use of your detailing supplies. 

Hotsy of Memphis is proud to carry Auto Magic's line of car detail supplies, car cleaning products, and car wash products, including the TruAdvantage system. Auto Magic makes smart, effective products that save time and money and deliver the outstanding results you promise to your customers. Contact us online for more information or call us today at 901-355-0550.

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