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Alfa Laval Gamajet Cleaning Systems

Hotsy of Memphis is a Dealer of Alfa Laval Cleaning Systems

Gamajet technology uses a rotary impingement system that projects powerful jets of water that rotate 360 degrees in a repeatable pattern. Cleaning is accomplished at the point of jet impact by using hot water rather than chemicals to achieve temperatures upwards of 190° that can sanitize a bottling line or quickly cleans the interior of any size tank or barrel.

Gamajet is committed to providing the worlds processing industries with tank cleaning solutions by designing, manufacturing and innovating the most effective and efficient automated tank cleaning products available. By cleaning your tanks with impact, you will use less water and chemicals, eliminate the need for manual scrubbing, and reduce time spent cleaning.


Sanitary applications use Gamajet tank cleaners…whether you are cleaning virtually any size of tank, bin, or vessel, including wine barrels, drums, totes, IBCs, tanker trucks, rail cars or ocean going vessels we have an efficient solution for the job. Industries from food & beverage, dairy, wine, brewing, pharmaceutical companies and more benefit from Gamajet systems.

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Alfa Laval Products

Alfa Laval GJ 4

The Gamajet/Alfa Laval GJ 4 is a hydraulically driven rotary tank cleaner that revolves 360° in both horizontal and vertical planes with synchronized solid jets providing a tight and thorough scouring pattern covering all interior tank surfaces in one complete cycle. Designed to clean larger-sized tanks with diameters over 15’. A choice of twelve nozzle sizes and hydraulic turbines and stators, including two gear systems, offer a wide operating range of flow rates, nozzle rotation speeds, and wash cycles.

Alfa Laval GJ BB

Gamajet/Alfa Laval Barrel Blaster combines high performance impingement cleaning with integrated vacuum extraction, which now allows all shapes and sizes of tanks without drains to be easily cleaned and emptied from the top.


The All-In-One features rotary impingement cleaning technology for exceptional performance, along with an integrated vacuum extractor which removes the cleaning liquid from within the vessel. The lightweight, hand-held machine is designed for operation at flow rates as low as 3 gallons per minute. And, unlike other machines, the unit applies 100% of the water flow to cleaning – not in powering the unit itself. With a single insertion of the easily handled unit, 100% cleaning effectiveness along with more complete liquid extraction, is assured. Call us today to learn more about Garmajet’s rotary impingement tank cleaning solutions.

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