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Advanced Car Detailing Products

When you're in the car detailing business, you're likely to encounter any number of unexpected challenges. Hotsy of Memphis offers Auto Magic specialty items that step in for those unique issues you face when you detail a car.

What do you do with yellowed and foggy headlights? The traditional way of clarifying them is to use power tools or other equipment. The Auto Magic Headlight Restoration Kit simply wipes away age discoloration to update the car with new-looking, crystal-clear headlight lenses. 

If you have a tunnel-type car wash, you'll have a certain number of customers who want a quick wash, wax, and wipe-down. Auto Magic's E-Z Beads™ Spray Wax is a great option to add shine and beading action to paint, glass, chrome, and trim. You can even use it as express wax in a foam gun. 

When a car comes to you with that "lived-in" look, you're likely to find all kinds of sticky and caked-in substances in the carpet and upholstery. Auto Magic formulated its Tornado Magic interior cleaner for use with air-driven interior detail tools. It works like magic on carpets, fabrics, rigid plastics, vinyl, and leather. 

Hotsy of Memphis carries the Auto Magic line of products because they work wonders for car detailers. From car detailing supplies to car cleaning products and car wash products, we stock the entire range of Auto Magic car detail supplies you need to turn out a fantastic product for your customers. Call us at 901-355-0550 or contact us online today to order!

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