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Solvent-Based Dressings from Auto Magic

When you're going for a high-gloss, water-repellent finish on a car's exterior, there's nothing like a solvent-based dressing to create a long-lasting shine. Solvent-based dressings renew and refresh tires, vinyl, and trim, so the car looks like it just drove off the showroom floor.

At Hotsy of Memphis, we carry Auto Magic's quality line of solvent-based dressings. They improve the car's look and help prevent fading, cracking, and hardening of plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Cars drive through all kinds of environments that challenge the toughest materials. These car detailing supplies give the car a beautiful look and protect it for the long run.  


When you're looking for top-quality detailing supplies, look no further than Hotsy of Memphis. Hotsy of Memphis has over 20 years of experience in cleaning products. We partner with Auto Magic because of their quality and the results our customers experience with their products. 


Auto Magic has been manufacturing car detail supplies for 55 years. From their early beginnings in manufacturing car wax and a few other key products, they expanded to carry a wide selection of car cleaning products and car detail supplies.  


When your business depends on quickly turning out high-performance results every day, you need a reliable, established distributor you can count on for quality car detailing cleaners and car wash products. You can trust Hotsy of Memphis to deliver the products you need when you need them. 


If you have questions about our products and how best to use them, call our friendly customer service representatives at 901-379-0550. Or, you can contact us online. We look forward to serving your car detailing product needs.

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