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Hotsy of Memphis Services

Hotsy Dealers Provide Pressure Washer Maintenance & Parts

As powerful and reliable as our equipment is, when you use it daily and pound it non-stop, there's going to be times it needs some upkeep. We're fully stocked in our parts department and have staff that can fix just about anything. Having our team ready means if you face a challenge, we can likely solve it right away!

We understand how important your equipment is, and that down time is costing you money! Your local Hotsy Dealer carries a large supply of replacement pressure washer parts on their service trucks, and typically can correct any issues with pressure washer maintenance while on site.

Regular pressure washer service is recommended if you are using your pressure washer often. A service plan, which works to prevent major problems, often cost very little, yet helps lengthen the life of your equipment considerably.

Our maintenance team works your equipment over top to bottom and then some!

At every Scheduled Maintenance Visit, Hotsy will;

  • Check drive belts for tension and wear; adjust.

  • Check pressure and temperature levels; adjust.

  • Check coil for soot deposits and lime build up. Recommend Descale as needed. 

  • Check pump oil levels; add or change oil as needed

  • Check electrical – starter and electrical boxes, switches and wiring – tighten/replace as needed

  • Check fuel lines and filter – check, clean or replace as needed. Replace Inline Filter as needed. 

  • Check engine oil and filter – add or change oil 

  • Check Pressure Nozzles, for damage or wear. Clean or replace as needed. 

  • Check hoses for breaks or leaks. 

  • Check couplers for O-ring wear & coupler damage. Replace O-Rings and Couplers as needed. 

  • Check burner for proper operation; adjust air and electrodes as needed.

  • Check pump for proper operation and inspect for leaks.

  • Test unloader valve for excessive wear.

  • Check air bands and adjust if needed

  • Check fuel pressure and adjust if needed.

  • Run a smoke test to determine if the burner is running effectively. 

  • Check trigger gun

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