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Commercial Cleaning Equipment in Memphis, TN


No matter how big or how small the job may be, you need Hotsy!

At Hotsy of Memphis, we’re proud to offer a full line of products from the biggest names in industrial cleaning equipment. Our selection is unbeatable, but what really matters is the level of service you get the moment you walk into our doors, with insightful experience that translates into your success and satisfaction.


Pressure Washers

Our Hotsy cold and hot water pressure washers for sale aren’t disposable machines like you can get at a big box store. Instead, our power washers are designed for industrial use, made to last and perform for years.



Hotsy of Memphis is proud to partner with Victory Innovations Co., the industry leader in cordless electrostatic sprayers, to offer new tools for the application of chemicals and other detergent treatments quickly.



Equipment is great, but what you put into them to achieve a true, safe clean is the big part. That's why we carry virtually every type of detergent solution for every possible situation or use. Especially given the state our country is in today!


Floor Cleaners

Hotsy of Memphis offers a variety of models available in stock or you custom orders, such as self-powered, ride-on and push designs that give you versatility to clean any surface.



Warm up the room or workspace you need without wasting energy by taking advantage of radiant heating technology. Val 6 heaters provide heat efficiently and in areas where forced air heaters are less effective - warehouses, outdoors, through wind, rain, sleet, and snow. 


Auto Detail Supplies

Auto-Magic is the resource for true auto detailing experts covering an entire system of products created especially to deliver the best possible results.


Trailer Mounted Systems

Why use water reclamation equipment? It’s important to protect local water systems and follow your local regulations regarding industrial wastewater and how to dispose of it. Many businesses are faced with confusing compliance issues and watershed regulations, yet are subject to fines and penalties for not complying.

Pressure Washers
Floor Cleaners
Auto Detail
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