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Winterizing Your Pressure Washer

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Protecting Your Pressure Washer During Winter Months

Pressure washers are valuable tools that can turn many big and timely jobs into manageable tasks. High pressure and hot water can make life a lot easier. For this reason you have invested money into a Hotsy Pressure Washer, and we would like to help you protect that investment. Unfortunately, when dealing with water, one must be careful not to expose their equipment to freezing temperatures. If your unit freezes, you are looking at some costly repairs to your pump, coil, hoses, gun jets, etc. We would like to save you from this fiasco by offering a reminder and some brief instruction on how to properly winterize your equipment.

Method 1: Blow out your equipment

This method is probably the easiest, but might not ensure total protection for your equipment. This method might be sufficient for people with cold water machines consisting only of a pump and motor, however units with heating coils may want to consider running anti-freeze through their unit (see below). To do this, attach a garden hose nipple to your pump’s low pressure inlet port (usually a female garden hose fitting) and insert an air compressor to the nipple. Hook your pressure hose up to the pump, but remove the gun jet. Blow compressed air through unit until mostly air is all that is expelled. Also, with the trigger depressed, blow air up through your pressure hose connecting port on your gun jet. This will keep your pump from a hard freeze, however, there may be enough moisture remaining to cause some issues.

Method 2: Anti-freeze unit

This is the most effective way to ensure your Pressure Washer’s safety through the winter. This process varies in degrees of difficulty depending on which model is to be winterized.

Method 3: Let an authorized service technician winterize your machine for you

Contact us to winterize your unit for you. We are more than happy to perform this service either in-shop or on location. For more details please contact us, or to watch our video on winterizing your pressure washer, visit our Video Library.

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