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Which Type of Burner Is Right For Your Operation?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

When choosing the appropriate hot water pressure washer for your operation, you need to consider the type of fuel required by the Burner System. The fuel used in the Burner System will determine how and where you use your pressure washer: particularly, indoors or outdoors, and portable or stationary.


The advantage of a diesel burner is the portability and the readiness of diesel fuel everywhere. Diesel reaches the optimal operating temperature faster and keeps the water hotter for longer periods of time. However, diesel fired burners require maintenance on the burner systems, which include changing fuel filters, fuel nozzles and adjusting the electrode assembly. Diesel burning units also require permitting with South Coast AQMD. Permit must be obtained at time of purchase.


The advantages of a propane or natural gas burner are its abilities to burn cleaner and it requires less maintenance than diesel. If you need a portable unit you would use a propane unit with a propane cylinder and portagear for mobility. These units also require venting to operate correctly when installed indoors. Finally, propane and natural gas units have less BTU’s per gallon so they will not typically get as hot as a diesel fired burner.


The option exists to combine a cold water pressure washer with a heating module, such as the HWE Series, to produce hot water. The advantage of an electric heating element is that there are no flames or ignition source, so ultimately it is safer to operate and may be used without any venting requirements in most cases. Running an electric unit usually requires 460 volt / 3 phase power and time to heat up.

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