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Waving a Magic Wand to Clean

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Using the right wand can make cleaning a breeze

Caked-on mud stuck beneath a truck. Engine grease and oil on the shop floor. Clogged gutters choked with leaves and dirt. These are just a few of the common sights for experienced pressure washers, and all of these cleaning situations can benefit from adding a little bit of magic to your cleaning arsenal – a magic wand.

OK, well, maybe there’s no real magic, but the improvement to cleaning power and performance when using the right wand with your pressure washer might make you think there is. There’s a lot to know about wands, so let’s take a look at how different wands can help with your operations.

Standard Wands

Most people are familiar with the standard hot-water or cold-water pressure washing wands. These are differentiated for an important reason – wand integrity. Hot-water wands use special seals that can withstand the heated water, ensuring the water ends up spraying out of the nozzle. If you use a cold-water wand with a hot-water washer, you could end up melting these seals, resulting in potentially dangerous leaks or damage.

There are also differences between wands used with electric washers and those used with gas or other combustion washers. Gas washers typically operate with higher pressures than electric washers, and as a result, the wands need to be stronger. Electric wands will often be made of plastic for that reason, while combustion-powered wands tend to use steel or heavy-duty aluminum instead.

Specialty Wands

Specialty wands is where the magic happens – so to speak. These wands are purpose-built to offer unique functionality for use in different working situations, helping make the cleaning process faster, more efficient and safer.

Push-Pull Wands

Ever wish you could spray around a corner to blast dirt and grime in tough to reach spots? With a push and pull wand, your wish is granted. These wands offer a unique design that allows you to push out the wand and change the angle at which water sprays. This allows you to turn the stream of water up to 90 degrees, great for cleaning the underside of vehicles or wheelwells.

Grip Handle Wands

Grip handle wands give users more control while spraying, which can be exceptionally important for precision jobs or when using extreme high pressures. This style of wand allows for easier two-handed control, making washing more comfortable and controlled. These wands are also often available with trigger handles, allowing for simple control of spraying.

Dual Lance Wands

If your washing jobs frequently require the use of detergents, the dual lance wand is perfect. This style of wand is literally two in one – both a detergent nozzle for applying soaps and chemical treatments and a spray wand for prewashing and rinsing. There’s no need to stop and swap connections – just connect and clean.

Telescoping Wands

Looking for some extra reach? A telescoping wand is the perfect choice. These wands can slide out and extend, with some wands capable of extending to 24 feet in length. This can give you more direct control of your wash, and allow you to reach hard-to-reach locations like beneath the eaves of a building or into a large containment vessel.

Gutter Attachments

Gutters are always a pain to clean, and all the more so if you can’t easily access the rooftop. Gutter wand attachments help by attaching to the wand and curving the stream of water so that you can stand below the gutters and spray directly down into the channels, making quick work of decaying leaves and dirt.

Custom Wands

While these specialized wands can help in a variety of situations, there are also many instances where a custom solution may be needed. That’s where Hotsy Pressure Washers of Memphis comes in. Our team specializes in crafting custom wands to meet specific needs for our customers. Need a wand that combines the reach of a telescoping wand with the combined function of a dual lance? No problem. Want a trigger grip paired with a gutter attachment? We can make it.

Using the right wand for your jobs can help you work CLEAN – efficiently, effectively and safely. Learn more by calling Hotsy Pressure Washers of Memphis today!

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