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Tune-Up and Scheduled Maintenance for Your Pressure Washer

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

You rely on your vehicle, and to prolong the life of the vehicle you know the importance of routine service and maintenance. The more you drive the sooner service is recommended. Pressure washers are no different. Regular service tune-ups are a great way to keep your pressure washer running smoothly and efficiently. Often, a tune-up will uncover problems before they occur, saving you from costly down time.

Hotsy’s signature 24 pt. tune-up will check for:

  • Check Pump Pressure

  • Check Coil for Scaling

  • Check Pump Volume

  • Check Coil for Sooting

  • Check and Change Pump Crankcase Oil

  • Check Thermostat (Temperature and Proper Cycling)

  • Check Belt Tension

  • Check Pressure Relief Valve

  • Check Pump Oil Seals

  • Check Nozzle

  • Check Amp Draw

  • Check Gun, Wand, and Grips

  • Check Unloader Valve

  • Check Hoses

  • Check Pressure Switch

  • Check Quick Couplers

  • Inspect Electrical Switches, Controls, and Safety Devices

  • Check Detergent Inlet System (Screens and Orifice)

  • Adjust Burner for Bust Combustion

  • Check Detergent Supply and Metering Valves

  • Check Fuel Filters

  • Check Detergent System and Dilution Ratios

  • Check Fuel for Contamination

  • Check Engine Crankcase Oil, Spark Plugs, and Fuel Filter

You can prevent costly equipment repairs with regular maintenance. Whether you use your pressure washer daily, or only a few times a month, preventative measures will extend the life. We offer several maintenance plans that can be tailored specifically for you. It’s just smart business.

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