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Safety Under Pressure

Workplace Safety is essential for providing a safe environment in which employees can perform their duties. Workplace safety also protects employees from injury, teaches workers how to work in a safe environment, pay attention to their surroundings and helps one feel safe carrying out tasks without hesitation.

It is important that employees using a pressure washer do so in a safe manner. The following list of safety procedures should be maintained by employees while operating a pressure washer.

  • Always read and follow the Operator’s Manual.

  • Always wear safety goggles, closed toe shoes and hand protection when using a pressure washer or when in the vicinity of a pressure washer in use. The high pressure spray can cause debris and particles to become airborne thus causing injury to eyes or feet.

  • Wear ear protection as pressure washers exceed 85 db. If using the pressure washer daily for long periods of time ear protection is advised.

  • Assume a solid stance and firmly grasp the spray gun with both hands to avoid injury if the gun kicks back before squeezing the spray gun trigger.

  • High pressure spray can cut through skin. Never point the spray at yourself or others as serious injury can result.

  • Never use a gasoline powered washer in an enclosed space.

  • When using an electric pressure washer, always plug a properly grounded pressure washer into a properly grounded GFCI outlet.

  • Never use an extension cord with an electric pressure washer.

  • Never start a pressure washer without an adequate water supply.

  • Never leave a pressurized unit unattended. Always shut off the unit and relieve trapped pressure before leaving.

  • Use extreme caution when spraying near electrical outlets, fuse boxes, transformers, high voltage wires, etc. Severe electrical shock or death may occur if not careful.

  • Do not allow the unit to run for longer than 3 minutes with the spray gun in the closed position. The spray gun traps high water pressure, even when the engine/motor is stopped and water is disconnected. Always point the spray gun in a safe direction and squeeze the spray trigger to release high pressure every time the engine/motor stops. Engage the trigger lock when not in use.

These tips seem elementary, but sometimes it the little things that can cause the most damage, injury and headaches. Simple rule of thumb – always use caution when operating any type of pressure washer.

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