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What You Should Know About Buying a Used or New Pressure Washer

Cleaning large equipment can be long and arduous without the right cleaning tools. For bigger messes, pressure washers are an excellent tool for effectively and efficiently getting rid of dirt and grime from your machinery. Getting your equipment clean and ready to go begins with choosing the right pressure washer, and we can help you see the pros and cons of used or new pressure washers.

What Is a Pressure Washer Used For?

Pressure washers are cleaning tools that use highly pressurized water to blast dirt and grime from different surfaces. An engine pumps lower-pressure water through a hose. The water is turned into a high-pressure stream before it comes out of the spray nozzle. Pressure washers provide the effective cleaning force you require for difficult tasks that a garden hose cannot perform. Gas pressure washers use a reservoir of gasoline to generate the energy needed to propel the water out of the nozzle of the hose, making them more portable.

On the other hand, electric pressure washers run on electricity and perform the same duties as a gas pressure washer, but they need a constant supply of electricity to run. Pressure washers can also use either hot water or cold water, each with a particular benefit when used. For high volume, low-pressure spray to remove caked-on dirt and debris, or if you’re removing paint, cold water pressure washers work best. For other jobs, using a hot water pressure washer can help get stubborn grime or dirt off easier. Cleaning oil or grease is a lot easier with hot water as well.

Main Differences Between New and Used Power Washers

Pressure washers, like all machinery, can be purchased new and second-hand, each with varying effects on their functions. Considering all of the factors that go into a purchase is necessary for successfully securing your pressure washer, leading you to decide whether or not you should buy a new or used one. Some of the ways that used or new pressure washers differ include the following:


Buying second-hand machinery, regardless of the type, can always pose a safety risk to new users. When machines are used, their value and effectiveness can slowly decrease, meaning that the risk of malfunctioning will inevitably increase. Plus, if you buy a second-hand pressure washer from a non-reputable source, they could be concealing damage or safety concerns with the unit,which could end up putting you in danger. New pressure washers are inherently safer than used pressure washers because of their lack of prior use. When buying from a reputable dealer, you can be sure that your used or new pressure washers are guaranteed to have no hidden safety problems that could lead to an injury.


Similar to an increase in safety, a newer pressure washer is guaranteed to be more reliable for long-term use when compared to a used pressure washer. Think of buying a pressure washer as you would buying a car. If a car has more miles on it, the likelihood that you will need to replace parts or do more general maintenance on it increases, and the same goes for pressure washers. As a piece of equipment like a pressure washer is used repeatedly, its reliability begins to decrease, so buying older, second-hand equipment can lead to problems sooner. Newer models are more reliable due to their lack of previous “mileage,” making them more suited for long-term use than used models.


One of the biggest appeals for buying second-hand pressure washers is the pressure washer cost. Similar to buying any kind of second-hand machinery, the use from the first owner will affect its resale rate, meaning that buying used pressure washers in Memphis can save you money. New pressure washers, on the other hand, will come in mint condition, which is better suited for a more reliable user experience, reflected by the price. When buying a used pressure washer, buying from a reputable dealer is the best way to get an affordable price with complete transparency on the machine’s background, helping you save money by avoiding costly repairs in the future.


General maintenance on any piece of equipment you own is essential to keep it functioning, especially when it comes to something as intricate as a pressure washer. Used pressure washers, because of their previous use, require a lot more general and preventative maintenance to protect their longevity. On the other hand, new pressure washers still require preventive maintenance to keep them functioning at the standard that they need to be to perform their functions, but they require less intermittent maintenance or longevity-related maintenance due to their age. In any case, regular maintenance on your pressure washer is essential for making sure it lasts as long as it can, new or used.

Buying a Pressure Washer for Your Cleaning Needs

When buying used or new pressure washers, the biggest factor that impacts your purchase is buying from a reputable dealer. Especially when buying used, finding a retailer that can help you get reliable used or new pressure washers will ultimately impact the quality of your unit. Hotsy can help supply you with used or new pressure washers in Memphis, perfect for your next industrial project, and with dozens of new or used pressure washers for sale or rent, you will find the right equipment for any job. We can supply you with pressure washers for rent or to buy, so contact us today to make your next purchase.

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