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Changing Seasons, Changing Approaches

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

There’s starting to be more of a nip to the morning air. The leaves are changing colors and falling from trees. All the telltale signs are there – fall is coming and that means winter’s not far behind. That also means that now’s the time to make sure that you, your team and your equipment are ready to take on dirt and grime in the cooler months ahead.

Changing Temperatures and Equipment Operation

As the thermometer dips lower, pressure washing machinery often seems to run slower. It might seem that it takes a little longer for your Hotsy to warm up or it may seem to be running sluggishly. Most often, this slow down isn’t from freezing temps, but instead the result of your lubricants. Before conditions get too cold, now is the time to check over your equipment and make sure all moving parts are well oiled and lubricated. Pay particular attention to the cylinders and carburetor to make sure winter doesn’t put a freeze on your operations.

Another consideration is your fuel. In cooler weather – and especially during transitions from warm storage to cold operating conditions – your fuel quality can suffer, making your engine run harder or even introducing contamination or dilution that can wreak havoc on your pump. Consider using a fuel stabilizer to help and allow the motor to run for a few minutes when starting operations to make sure treated fuel is in the system.

Removing Oil and Grease

Getting rid of oil and grease is hard in warm weather, and during the colder months it can seem almost impossible. We all know heat is the key to getting rid of these organic grimes. That means that during cooler conditions, you may need more time to allow your pressure washer to warm up or spend more time heating up frozen-on grease and oil. Using a portable heater may help in certain situations, and evaluating your detergent selection may help you find something that’s a better fit for cold weather.

Soap and Detergent Efficiency at Cooler Temps

Some chemical solutions don’t handle the change in temperature well and may not work as well – or at all – in some situations. Most notably, acid cleaners and aluminum brighteners tend to have reduced effectiveness in temperatures below 60 degrees. Other detergents may not be rated for use in cold weather at all and you might need to take a different approach to ensure your surfaces are completely clean.

Review your detergents and identify any with temperature sensitivity by examining the label. Not sure if your soaps will work or need help finding a more appropriate solution for the season? Call the team at Hotsy Pressure Washers of Memphis and let us perform a Chemical & Detergent Evaluation to make sure you have the best solution.

Add Time for Clean in Cold

Things often take longer during the cold-weather months. People move slower, it takes longer to dress for work in the cold, machines need more time to warm up – the list goes on and on. One particular aspect to keep in mind is detergent efficacy.

As mentioned above, some detergents can be dramatically affected by use in cold conditions. Just because a detergent is still safe to use in the cold, however, doesn’t mean it will still work the same way. Be aware that with some solutions, you may need to adjust the amount of detergent used or increase the length of soaking time to completely clean a surface. Make sure you know the details of your detergents and build enough time into your schedule to get the job done.

Don’t Forget Fall Maintenance

Fall is also a great time to tackle any maintenance projects. Take advantage of things slowing down to speed up your upkeep. Check over hoses for wear and replace any that are damaged or excessively worn. Take a look at fittings and gaskets for any signs of failure. Change oil and air filters, and perform a thorough visual inspection to look for any other external signs of wear.

The cooler weather can be harder on your equipment and your crew, so spending time to make sure everything is in peak condition can help prevent breakdowns and improve operations in the colder conditions. At Hotsy Pressure Washers of Memphis we can also help with Scheduled Maintenance Plans that take the stress out of keeping your equipment ready for action with preventative maintenance that works around your schedule. Contact us today to learn more.

Staying CLEAN in Every Season

We believe in CLEAN in every season, and that means we’re always striving to make sure that your operations are as efficient, effective and safe as possible. Whether you need parts or accessories to help with your fall and winter projects or you’re looking for help with repairs and upkeep, turn to the CLEAN team at Hotsy Pressure Washers of Memphis. We know CLEAN and we can help you tackle any seasonal challenges. Call us today to learn more.

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