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Detailing Glazes & Polishes 

When you reach the end of a detailing job, the glaze gives you a beautiful mirror finish that puts a smile on your customer's face. First impressions are all-important, so revealing the vehicle's fully renewed exterior to the client should stun them with its brilliance.

The factory applies a clear coat to give the car's finish a beautiful shine and to protect the paint from damage and fading, so it's typically three times thicker than the paint. Over time, however, the clear coat picks up minor scratches from poor wash jobs, someone leaning against the car, or debris flying up from the road while driving. Glazes temporarily compensate for those scratches by filling them in. 

Polishes are different. Their job is to remove a layer of clear coat, including minor scratches, and reveal the next layer of brilliance. Polishes are a more long-lasting and aggressive solution than glazes. 

Hotsy of Memphis carries Auto Magic glazes, polishes, and a full line of car detailing supplies. Apply these highly effective products by hand, with a buffer, or using a variable speed polisher. No matter how you apply them, you can confidently use the industry's most professional, effective products. 

Hotsy of Memphis is your source for highly effective car detailing supplies, car cleaning products, and car wash products from Auto Magic. From basic soaps and cleaners to the final steps of glazing and polishing, Auto Magic products turn out outstanding results every time. Call our customer service representatives at 901-379-0550 with questions about our detail supplies or reach out online.

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