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Cleaning Equipment Financing Options for Your Memphis Business

Commercial Pressure Washer Financing & Leasing

With pressure washer financing, Hotsy Cleaning Equipment of Memphis makes it easier than ever to benefit from the powerful capabilities of our industrial cleaning solutions. Our financing options make it possible to implement high-pressure cleaning for your operations without having to allocate substantial funds to an up-front purchase.


Financing Pressure Washer Equipment

Yes, a Hotsy can be yours even if you can’t afford the full price! With our convenient leasing options, you can find a payment plan that works best for you and use the equipment you need, right away.


Leasing is a good option for businesses because it improves cash flow, preserves credit, and provides tax benefits without tying up capital. Equipment financing can also be an effective growth strategy.  If your business and cleaning requirements are expanding at a rapid pace, it may be more cost-efficient to upgrade to a higher-capacity pressure washer if you haven’t sunk revenue into a smaller model up front. Most businesses lease equipment, giving many of the same benefits of ownership without the initial up-front cost.


We work with Lease Consultants Corporation to provide financing. Many leasing options are available for pressure washers or our parts washers. There’s no application fee or document fee. Take a look at our most popular payment plans:


The Baker’s Dozen Plan: 13 monthly payments

Payments are calculated by dividing the equipment cost by twelve. A security deposit is due up front equal to one payment, then you pay 12 regular monthly payments. At the end of the term, you simply surrender the security deposit to own the equipment.


Best Buy Plan: 24 to 60 monthly payments

Alternatively, ask about our Best Buy Plan, which offers convenient 24-to-60-month payments with a 2-payment security deposit. You’ll find the application easy, and we’ll help every step of the way. This financing option is often ideal for a long-term strategy requiring minimal overhead.


Take Advantage of Our Equipment Financing Options

Take advantage of greater flexibility with less upfront expenditure by financing pressure washer equipment. We have various financing options available, allowing you to choose the payment plan that best suits your business requirements.


To get an idea how low your monthly payments can be, use the Payment Calculator to enter in a price and choose a plan. You’ll be able to apply now or have a quote emailed to you. For actual equipment pricing, please call us at (901) 379-0550.

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