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Exterior Polymers from Auto Magic

Among all the car detailing supplies designed to protect and add a sheen to exterior paint, polymer coatings are among the most versatile and easy to apply. Use a sprayer on wet exterior surfaces to quickly add a glow to the clear coat, rubber side molding, and trim.

Polymer protective coatings safeguard the car's paint, rubber, and vinyl from dirt, scratches, and minor road debris and give you that distinctive, high-gloss finish. Protecting a car's paint is essentially a battle with the elements. Polymers bond with the paint to provide UV protection and repel water, protecting the finish and staying clean longer. 


Hotsy of Memphis carries Auto Magic exterior polymers and a full range of car detail supplies. As a professional cleaning equipment and supply company, we carry only the highest-performing products on the market. We partner with Auto Magic because of their quality, broad range of products, and consistently high performance.


When you're looking for the best in car cleaning products, car wash products, and car detailing cleaners, Hotsy of Memphis is your source for Auto Magic detailing supplies. We offer an extensive range of products, from cleaners to waxes to accessories and applicators, so if you have any questions, we're happy to discuss which best suits your application.


Hotsy of Memphis has been in the cleaning business since 2004, offering cleaning equipment and supplies to various industries. We're easy to work with, and our knowledgeable staff is standing by to answer any questions you might have. Call us at 901-379-0550 or contact us online.

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