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Exterior Auto Cleaners for Sale

Clean is a great feeling, and Hotsy of Memphis has the car-detailing supplies you need to deliver the kind of freshness your customers love. Whether you detail a handful of cars each month or an entire fleet, Hotsy of Memphis has the Auto Magic cleaners that make vehicles shine and your customers happy. It’s that wow factor that keeps customers coming back again and again. 

A vehicle's exterior is subject to insults from weather, road debris, brake dust, bird droppings, leaves, and insects, and that’s just the beginning. Using the right car cleaning products makes you look good, protects the car's finish, and delivers a fast, sparkling result.


Hotsy carries Auto Magic car detail supplies for every part of a car's exterior:

  • Car wash soap

  • Spoke wire wheel cleaner

  • Wheel and tire cleaner

  • Chrome or coated wheel cleaner

  • Motor degreaser

  • Tar solvent


We designed the Hotsy of Memphis website for easy ordering. Just choose your detailing supplies and checkout. If you want advice on the best products for your application, our customer service representatives are happy to help.


Hotsy of Memphis knows the value of service, safety, and cleanliness, and we strive daily to help you provide the same to your customers. Our Auto Magic car detailing cleaners are second to none and work great with our pressure washers. If your pressure washers need service or if you need a new pressure washer, we can help with that too.


We owe a big part of our success to our customer relationships. We want to be your partner, ensuring you have the car wash products you need to succeed in your business. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly customer service representatives at 901-379-0550 or contact us online.

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