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Auto Detailing Clay for Sale Online

Detailing clay removes contaminants from the clear coat protecting a car’s paint. Rail dust, brake dust, pollution in the air, and other debris can eventually penetrate even the best paint job. When metallic flecks are embedded long enough, they pass through the clear coat into the paint, creating tiny rust spots. Eventually, repainting is the only option to revive the car's looks.

Detailing clay is essential for removing metallic particles to preserve the car's paint job long-term. In the car detailing process, using various grades of detailing clay as needed safely removes particles and protects the car's paint job over time. Hotsy of Memphis carries Auto Magic's line of detailing clay in fine to more aggressive grades so you can choose the strength you need. 


Auto Magic detailing clay removes stubborn substances like road tar, tree sap, and bug remains. It removes unwanted gunk and makes your finish glossy and smooth again. It is safe for any painted surface, including clear coats. 


When you're looking for the best car detail supplies, Hotsy of Memphis is your source. We choose to partner with Auto Magic because of their broad range of car cleaning products and the proven results our customers experience. With Auto Magic, you can be confident you're getting the most effective detailing supplies on the market. 


Hotsy of Memphis has been in the cleaning products industry since 2004, so we know detail supplies. If you have any questions about car detailing cleaners or car wash products, Call us at 901-379-0550 or contact us online. We’d love to hear from you.

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