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Hotsy Cold Water Pressure Washers in Memphis

Death to dirt is best served cold!

There’s a difference in the quality of cold water pressure washers you’ll find at a big box retailer or home improvement store, and the Hotsy’s we sell. Hotsy cold water pressure washers are commercial grade washers, made for extensive use, and backed with service and expertise. It’s the cold water pressure washer with benefits. Hotsy of Memphis is the factory-direct dealer for Western TN, and we’d be happy to provide an on-site demo so you can see the difference and cleaning power yourself.


We have over 35 gas powered and electric models of Hotsy cold water washers, all which are ETL certified, meaning they’ve passed stringent safety testing. When you choose Hotsy, you not only get the 7-year warranty on the pump, but you get the assurance of having a knowledgeable resource to service the washer when needed. This is not the case when you purchase at a big box retailer. 

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Gas/Diesel Washers

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