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Ceramic & Compounds for Sale

Many products are available to clean and protect a vehicle's exterior paint job. For years, wax was the go-to way to create a shiny finish and protect a car's paint. It's still a good one, but the hottest technique lately is ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings have become the premium way to shine and protect a car's finish.

Think of ceramic coatings as a high-performance alternative to wax. They are hydroponic, which means they repel water and the damage it can cause. They also protect the paint from sun damage, oxidation, and even light scratching. 

Premium finishes can be an excellent profit center for car detailers because they carry a premium price tag. But when you're selling a high-dollar finish, it has to look fabulous and perform for your customers. Hotsy of Memphis carries Auto Magic ceramic coatings and compounds because of their quality performance during application and over time. 


As professional cleaners in the business since 2004, we stake our reputation on the products we carry. We trust Auto Magic. The company formulates its car detailing supplies to provide products that will make you look good, work efficiently, and fulfill the promise of long-lasting protection you make to your customers. 

To deliver the highest-quality outcome to your customers, you need to use the most effective car detail supplies and car detailing cleaners on the market. Contact Hotsy of Memphis to learn more about Auto Magic products, or call us at 901-379-0550. Our customer service representatives can't wait to talk with you.

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