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Auto Magic All-Purpose Cleaners

Clean is a great feeling, and Hotsy of Memphis has the car-detailing supplies you need to deliver the kind of freshness your customers love. Whether you detail a handful of cars each month or an entire fleet, Hotsy of Memphis has the Auto Magic cleaners that make vehicles shine and your customers happy. It’s that wow factor that keeps customers coming back again and again. 

Your clients probably live in their cars like everyone else. We have the car detailing cleaners that get out the coffee, ground-in peanut butter, donut grease, and everything else from the interior, making the fabric, vinyl, plastic, carpet, and trim sparkle like new again. 


A car's exterior takes a beating from the sun, road grime, brake dust, and weather. Every part collects organic and non-organic particles that stick, making the finish look dull and lifeless. Auto Magic all-purpose cleaners bring car exteriors back to life, so paint, engine, wheels, door jams, and tires look like new again. 


Hotsy of Memphis carries Auto Magic car detailing supplies because they produce a quality result and are gentle on interior and exterior materials. Auto Magic products are easy to use and order through our website. 


Hotsy of Memphis also covers your pressure washer sales and service needs. We are your one-stop shop for car wash products, service, and supplies. We've been in business since 2004, providing top-notch car cleaning products and services. If you need a demonstration of how our equipment and products work or have any questions, call us today at 901-379-0550 or contact us online

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