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Auto Magic Aerosols

Hotsy of Memphis offers Auto Magic car detailing supplies because of their quality and the variety of products they carry. From interior to exterior, soaps to waxes to aerosol cleaners, Auto Magic has effective car cleaning products for every part of a car. You can trust Auto Magic products from Hotsy because we only carry detailing supplies that have proven to get the best results for our customers,

Sometimes aerosols are the best car cleaning products for the job. We carry a range of Auto Magic aerosol cleaners. For instance, we carry an Auto Magic glass cleaner that also cleans chrome, plastic, and vinyl components. Just spray and wipe to remove substances as problematic as lipstick, bugs, and grease. 


The Auto Magic all-purpose Orange Citrus Cleaner easily removes crayon marks, grease, soot, and dust. The bonus is that it leaves a light, fresh citrus scent wherever you clean. Its aerosol form and simple wipe-on wipe-off usability improve efficiency, especially if you have a high volume of vehicles to detail. 


The whole point of car detailing is to refresh a vehicle so it looks new again. Whether you run an auto detailing service, prepare pre-owned vehicles for their new owners, or maintain a fleet of cars, you need effective car detailing cleaners at the most economical prices. 


Hotsy of Memphis is your source for all the car detail supplies you need for a beautiful, professional result. Call us today at 901-379-0550 to talk with one of our knowledgeable customer service agents, or contact us online.

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