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Detailing Accessories & Applicators

When it comes to car detailing supplies, quality applicators and accessories are just as important as the car detailing cleaners you use. Hotsy of Memphis carries a range of Auto Magic accessories and applicators that give you a professional result, especially when paired with Auto Magic car cleaning products.

Professional detailers use a combination of time-saving machine polishing and detailed handwork to make a car look new again. Hotsy carries a range of foam, wool, compound, and waffle pads for your buffer, giving the vehicle a high-watt shine every time. Hand sprayers are a mainstay in detailing because you can load them with car wash products and closely control direction and coverage area. Domestic kitchen sprayers are not robust enough to tolerate the chemicals in car cleaning products, but our Auto Magic heavy-duty sprayers do the trick. Auto Magic’s chemical-resistant sprayers won't let you down. They give you the sprayer performance and longevity that keeps you working day after day without having to stop and change sprayers.  When you purchase car cleaning products, they often come in five-gallon jugs that are hard to handle under the best circumstances. We carry deluxe ¾" spigots to cap your jugs so you can control the flow of car wash products you load into your dispensers.  At Hotsy of Memphis, we carry all the Auto Magic car detail supplies you need to turn out stunning results for your customers. You can order conveniently online. If you have any questions, call our friendly customer service agents at 901-379-0550 or contact us online.