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The #1 Pressure Washer and Cleaning Equipment Provider in Memphis

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That's Hotsy of Memphis

Since 2004, Hotsy has served Memphis with the highest quality products, service and project expertise around. You've got our word on everything we do!

Hotsy Cleaning Equipment of Memphis offers the largest selection of industrial cleaning equipment – Hotsy pressure washers, detergents, parts and accessories. Based in Memphis, we are Hotsy’s #1 dealer in Memphis and the Mid-South, also serving east Arkansas and North Mississippi. Hotsy is the brand chosen more often by professionals in a variety of industries. Cold and hot pressure washers from Hotsy are known for their ruggedness and durability, offering the best warranties in the industry. We maintain a large inventory of pressure washer replacement parts, as well as many optional accessories to make cleaning easier.

We Offer Complete Cleaning Solutions – Pressure Washers, Detergents, Soaps, Detailing Products, Parts Washers, Steamers & More. Our goal is to provide cleaning equipment that will save you time and use soaps efficiently. Not only do we provide sales, rental & service for Hotsy, but we also offer Cuda automatic parts washers, tank cleaners and steamers. You’ll find fair prices and a wide selection at Hotsy Memphis. We service what we sell and our customers have learned to expect nothing less… so when the need arises for a tune-up or service call, you can count on us. We repair all models and years of power washers from Hotsy, Landa, Alkota, Aaladin, Mi-T-M, Whitco, Hydrotek, Honda, Briggs & Stratton and Steam Jenny.

Cleaning Solutions for Memphis Since 2004

Whether you’re cleaning tractor trailers or a dog kennel, we supply commercial cleaning equipment best suited to meet your needs. We’ll evaluate what and where you’re cleaning and recommend a model that will work best, and fit within your budget.

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Tractor Trailers, buses, service vehicles and delivery trucks become dirty with road film, oil, and dust. Keeping a fleet clean is a challenge. Let’s face it…image is everything. With regular cleaning you can care for your trucks and vehicles and display a sparkling shine. For those with a fleet, Hotsy offers stationary pressure washers which can be installed in a wash bay. Plumb into your existing water and power supply – even natural gas or LP – and you have an efficient setting for washing. Combined with detergents specific for vehicle cleaning, you’ll have a win-win system.

Keeping equipment clean and production lines running is a vital component for industrial manufacturing, which can’t afford down time. Hotsy pressure washers are used to clean manufacturing equipment as well as production floors and loading docks, reducing liability for slip and falls. From our 1700 Series cold water washer to the hot water washer we offer cleaning equipment for all industrial enviornments.

Hotsy knows the Ag industry and has been partnering with farmers, ranchers, dairy and others since 1970. When it comes to cleaning muck, mud and manure in barns, on tractors, livestock pens and plows, there’s no better solution than cleaning with an industrial pressure washer. We have stationary and portable models that can be installed in out buildings or barns to best meet your needs.

Due to the significant investment made in heavy equipment and the fact that dust, gravel and sand are part of everyday life on a construction site, it’s imperative to clean regularly. If you don’t, costly repairs are likely. Hotsy has many hot water pressure washers ideal for construction pros, which remove not only the dirt but grease from hydraulic equipment. Keep scrapers, bulldozers, dump trucks pristine and take pride in your company – clean with a Hotsy.


New & Used Car Dealers

Car Rental Agencies

Car Spas to Auto Detailers

Auto Body Shops

Whether you need to maintain a fleet of new trucks and SUV's or restore a used car to pristine condition. Hotsy of Memphis works with dealers and service departments throughout Memphis. Shop online for soaps and cleaning products and get free delivery in our service area.

When you're in the business of disinfecting car interiors and keeping a fleet of vehicles clean quickly and efficiently, Hotsy of Memphis has the solution. From pressure washer equipment to soaps and cleaning products from Auto Magic.

A professional auto detailer needs the best soaps and commercial grade cleaning solutions to make a car shine inside and out. Hotsy of Memphis is a proud distributor with Auto Magic. We keep a diverse inventory of solvents, polymers, waxes and more in stock. Shop online and earn free delivery if you are within our service area.

Whether you are involved in reparing exterior body work after a car accident, removing dents, custom paint jobs or restoring vintage automobiles, Hotsy of Memphis has your cleaning solution. We stock Auto Magic soaps and detergents that can make an engine shine to wheel rims pop to a new car smell.

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What Down Time?

We realize you’ve invested heavily in your equipment and cannot afford for it to be broken. When you buy the best, you expect experienced, responsive service to keep it running. When you choose Hotsy Memphis, you get a partner who “gets” this and will do everything possible to keep your cleaning equipment working, and keep you on schedule.

Soaps, Detergents & More

We're fully stocked with Hotsy pressure washer detergents, which are available in quarts up to 5 gallons by application. We further stock cleaning product supplies and refills for faster, and more efficient cleaning. There's not a dirty challenge out there that we don't have a solution to eliminate it quickly and efficiently!

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